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On body images and weight loss…. O_o It was bound to pop up.

So obviously I’m getting married soon, and what does every bride to be do? That’s right obsess over their weight/size. I too have fallen victim to this “trap”. So I have some junk in the truck, a little extra badonka with my donk.. Ya know, a gi-normous posterior. Obviously I’m loved for things other than my expanding waist line, but the health risks, general feeling of yuckiness is enough for me to get motivated.

Before all you self loathing, yet well meaning diet junkies and supporters begin to try to yawp, about your little sojourns into the diet-verse, or that I’m fine juts the way I am let me state this…

I could honestly give a rat’s hind end about the following:
A) My actual weight
B) BMI (A load of horse pucky IMHO)
C) What others percieve as my “Ideal” weight.

Things will be added I’m certain.

What I do care about! (In no particular order)
1 ) My waist measurement
2 ) The health benefits
3 ) Being able to chase down my children like they’re wounded elk
4 ) Having a long life with my new husband and family
5 ) Being a healthy example to my children
6 ) Having the health and well-being that could potentially support a pregnancy
7 ) Being able to run again
8 ) Not feel so run down all the time
9 ) That awesome sexy retro rockabilly frock that will be mine!!! See pic below!

So all that being said, I’m cutting out sugar, nearly all wheat, haven’t had alcohol in at least month, and have stopped my trips to Peet’s, starbucks, and edge. (You know you have a problem when they all know you by name and have your drink ready for you before you close the door you just walked through.)

To date I have already lost 9.7 lbs and have gone from a BMI of 42.00 to 40.7. (I know I said I didn’t care about BMI but the wii fit tells me auto-magically and so does the weight loss ticker at the bottom of your screen.) I need to work on the exercise next. Walking every 3 or 4 days does not a regimen make.

Off I go to scrounge some breakfast, wrestle a child, and peel Reese’s butt outta bed. I will get this done! I will make myself feel better. And god willing I won’t kill someone in the process. O_o

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3 Responses to "On body images and weight loss…. O_o It was bound to pop up."

  • What is it about weddings that does this to us? I did the same thing! You’ll get there. :) And you’ll look awesome after the weight’s lost, same as you look awesome now. :D

    1 Car said this (May 25, 2011 at 10:00 am) Reply

  • I think I boycotted that idea from the beginning when I was getting ready for my wedding last fall. I even went as far as having someone make a larger pattern for my wedding dress. Then I lost 20 pounds *after* the wedding and my dress is definitely too big.

    I lost the weight because I knew that extra baggage was hard on my body. Since then I’ve been able to stop taking one of the two meds for my high blood pressure and be able to move better, faster, longer without wearing myself out in 10 minutes. My goal is to be able to no longer need BP meds and see my high school weight/size again. I was 215-220 lbs and a size 18. I’m totally ok with that.

    Congrats on what you’ve accomplished thus far for your health and wellness! Keep it up, sweetie!

    2 MizTrouble said this (May 25, 2011 at 2:02 pm) Reply

  • So, I strongly suggest looking into the Paleo Diet. I know you said you were doing Atkins. This is sort of similar. I know that since starting it I’ve felt better than I have in years, I’ve even had people comment that my color is better and I just look healthier (plus I’ve lost almost 40 pounds since November with only adding minimal exercise.)

    Congrats on the progress you’ve made so far though! And good luck to Reese with all his interviews lately. *Hugs* to you both

    3 Beth Wild said this (May 27, 2011 at 12:26 am) Reply

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