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My baby is 5 today!

I can’t believe that Butter is already 5 years old. It’s crazy. It’s been a weird day. Right now he’s on his way to his Daddy’s house. This is the only part of being divorced from their dad that I hate. I hate the weekends away and the split and missing birthdays, and holidays. The next time that I have him on his birthday is his 8th birthday, that’s to far away. But next weekend he’s home and we’re going to have a party for him at home. We’ll actually have some disposable income then so we can actually get him some presents.

Still waiting

Business cards still aren’t here yet and neither is my license.  I’m anxious to get moving on the business, I want to open on Tuesday and start taking appointments.   Sooooooo tired of not moving!!! GRRRRR!

I know I suck… Here’s the last month in a nutshell. (insert Austin Powers visual here.)

Been married for a little over a month.  Nothing has changed, same old same old.  The kids spent 3 weeks at their dad’s house, Reese’s brother came up with his wife and baby.  Baptisms, graduations, and family reunions oh my.
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We’re married!!!!!!

Through it all I love you more everyday!!! I’m looking forward to our forever. My heart, my life, my love.

4 more days!

Well we’re down to the wire now.   Everything seems to be going as close to planned as possible.  Went to the church tonight to clean and let our “MC” check out the sound system and start going over the play list and timing.   I don’t want to run yet. lol

I am easy to annoy and piss off right now however.. For instance my finger nails are so farkin’ long I can hardly type but I don’t want to cut them til Saturday night. People are also making me angry and frustrated but I’ll live.. They however may not.

I’m feeling a little uneasy about speaking in front of everyone too, which is really never been much of a problem for me, but I do have a hard time speaking about emotional things out loud. I suppose that I’ll figure someting out. I may have to use everyone else on Saturday to figure out what I could possibly say. Reese always has something sweet to say, I so like a retard when I even try to do something like that. BLAH!


And we press on!

Soooooo Reese’s ex got a bit of a face slap in court today, and Reese got an unexpected gift. Sorry no details those that need to know already know!

Directly following court we skipped our happy asses across the street and got our marriage license! Now that court is over I feel like I can finally breathe, and feel happy about this wedding! I feel so relieved that for all intents and purposes that bitter, pinch face pain in our ass is now court ordered to deal with everything through the DA’s office. I love you God!!!! :-D

On that note I’m gonna go snuggle into bed and enjoy my last week of celibacy. *cough* (please note sarcasm, my life as a nun is almost over!!!!!)

2 weeks, and 5 days to go.

So I totally thought that I let myself down this weekend. Drank alcohol, had massive amounts of sugar, even went to jack in the box. Somehow I still managed to lost another 2.2 lbs. Crazy I tell you! Pehaps my metabolism is finally ramping up some. WOOOOOO!!!

Everything is starting to get organized, we have almost all the bits and small pieces that we need. I’m making a check list and what not and praying for everything to go smoothly. Need to go get the marriage license soon too. Eeep! Marriage license egads.

Celibacy sucks….

That is all..

On body images and weight loss…. O_o It was bound to pop up.

So obviously I’m getting married soon, and what does every bride to be do? That’s right obsess over their weight/size. I too have fallen victim to this “trap”. So I have some junk in the truck, a little extra badonka with my donk.. Ya know, a gi-normous posterior. Obviously I’m loved for things other than my expanding waist line, but the health risks, general feeling of yuckiness is enough for me to get motivated.
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